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Feida valve joins Sinopec's network supplier
Source: | Release time:2018-5-22 9:10:47 | Views:

Sinopec formally notified Feida valve that it has officially been admitted to Sinopec's material market.
Feida valve is the largest manufacturer of valve in Fujian, mainly engaged in the production and export of OEM and ODM valves. The products have been successfully used in large petrochemical, electric and water conservancy projects in Europe, America and the Middle East, with an annual output value of 120 million yuan. In December 2014, Feida valve formally landed on the new three boards, and was also the first listed company in Fujian to visit the new three boards.
In December 8th of this year, the Sinopec inspection team came to the Fujian Feida valve for investigation and investigation. The group was able to understand the enterprise management, facilities, and production testing ability of FEDA valve after understanding the enterprise qualification and basic situation, production and testing equipment, technical ability, quality assurance and after-sales service. The product quality and so on are affirmative.
After strict evaluation and screening, Sinopec finally identified the Feida valve high pressure gate valve, cut-off valve, check valve, ball valve and butterfly valve; medium pressure gate valve, cut-off valve, check valve, ball valve and butterfly valve, and valve accessories and other products, can be entered into the Sinopec procurement supplier products.

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