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New national standard of faucet
Source: | Release time:2018-5-22 9:12:52 | Views:

In the evening of March 21st, CCTV's two financial channel "economic half hour" column, with "the secret in the water faucet", reported the serious problem of lead and zinc content in Haicheng Street faucet in Longwan District of Wenzhou City, which caused widespread concern. After the incident, the relevant departments in Wenzhou first conducted a comprehensive investigation of unlicensed, illegal production and operation points, and punish illegal faucets processing plants with heavy punches.

This incident has also raised concerns in Fujian's plumbing and sanitary bathing areas. In March 24th, the Fujian plumbing and bathroom valve industry association also convened a special Council to inform the whole story. The association requires the members of the association to attach great importance to it, to give caution to it, to strictly fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, and to lead and serve the Fujian warm bath industry by example. Huang Jingyang, vice mayor of Nanan, Wang Jianye and Cai Jilin, President of Fujian water heating and bath valve industry association, and members of Nanan quality and Technical Supervision Bureau Sun Yayu, vice president of the association and members of the Association participated in this meeting.

At the meeting, Cai Jilin, the Secretary General of the Fujian water heating and bath valve industry association, informed the members of the conference that the lead and zinc content of the faucet in Wenzhou, which was exposed by CCTV, was beyond the standard, and was analyzed and read about the forcible national standard of the faucet, which caused the high attention of the members of the association. Units and members of the unit have self-examination and self-discipline, strictly control the newly issued national standard of faucets and produce qualified products that meet the new standards.

Huang Jingyang, deputy mayor of Nanan, stressed at the meeting that entrepreneurs should fulfill the social responsibility of good enterprises, guarantee the quality of products, pay attention to environmental protection and the working environment of the employees, and ensure the occupational health of the employees. At the same time, Huang Jingyang said that the government departments will also strengthen government supervision and standardize the healthy and orderly development of plumbing and bathroom industry.

Fujian water heating bath valve industry association president Wang Jianye pointed out at the meeting, Fujian as one of the three key areas of the national water heating bath valve, its output, sales and export are the first in the country. The quality and safety of the product has always been the key concern of the association, and the member units should self check self-discipline and do not conform to the new national standard of the faucet. We need to strengthen the reform, strictly control the quality and safety of products, and increase support for small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the quality of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the healthy development of the Fujian warm bath industry.

It is understood that the new revised national compulsory standards will be introduced in the near future. One of the biggest changes of the new national standard is to include heavy metal content in the water mouth. Besides lead, heavy metals such as chromium, nickel and copper will also be the key detection objects. According to the State Standardization Management Committee, the national standard GB 18145-2003, which is about to be carried out, is being reviewed. The revised draft has added a number of mandatory indicators for the quantitative limit of precipitation in the water. One of the biggest changes in the new standard is the increase of antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, and chromium. More than 10 items such as copper, mercury, selenium, thallium and so on.

According to Shi Hongwei, the deputy director of the quality supervision and testing center of the national building materials industrial building hardware and water heating products, the drafting unit of the new standard and the related enterprises have reached a consensus, which is basically carried out according to the American Standard. If carried out according to the American Standard, the lead precipitation of the faucet (Q) is not more than 5 mu g/L. Besides the limit of lead content, the heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium (six price), mercury, nickel, bismuth and so on are limited. If the new standard is enacted, all the faucets will be included in the standard system so that all the materials will return to the same running line.

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